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La Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is a French department situated in the archipel of the little Antilles. Also called Karukera “the island of beautiful waters”. The island is composed of 2 parts which resemble two butterfly wings:

    - Grande Terre, a wast and flat area composed of a thick limestone depot has very few hills and no waterways. The North of Grande Terre is bordered by numerous cliffs and is entirely dedicated to sugarcane plantations. The South of Grande Terre offers magnificent white sand beaches.

    - Basse-Terre is constituted of a mountain chain with the volcano “Souffrière”, dense tropical vegetation and numerous river and exceptional cascades . You can make magnificent walking trips, canyoning and green tourism.

You will find also magnificent blond, red, grey and black beaches bordered by coconut and almond trees.

In anticipation of your trip

Health: you are in France but it is a completely different world. Medical services are comparable to Europe. No special vaccination required. Water is drinkable.

Money: the currency is the Euro and you will find many bank agencies and money distributors. Bank checks are not easily accepted as a result of numerous abuses, it is therefore better to carry your banking card or liquid money.

Time difference with Europe: it is 6 hours (minus) in Summer and 5 hours in Winter.

Climate: the climate is tropical. From January to June the climate is dry and warm from July to December it is humid and warm, that is the period of tropical rainforest.

Distance and flying time: Guadeloupe is 6.800 km away from Paris and flying time varies between 8 hours and 8:30 hours.